Chapter 36 - “A spell performed.”


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The being from the sky didn’t fade away after it was skewered by the tower; the strength in its massive arms gone, it sagged upon the spears made of branches and crumbled into pieces. The pieces tumbled off the sides of the tower and broke apart into tiny specks as they fell into the valley. As the Crown washed over Beliaz and Snowe, Astra and Erio had charged, ignoring the crumbling being, but they had been too late. The Crown solidified around them both and made a glowing cocoon. The phantoms charged down once Beliaz’s magic had ceased, but before they could do any damage, each came to a stop—complacent as though they had fallen asleep in midair.

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what is up with tumblr and queer headcanons like

it seems like the most boring/stoic characters are headcanoned as agender/asexual and the peppy ones are headcanoned as genderfluid/pan or bisexual and its like

what is up with ace being portrayed as the boring sexuality?? and pan or bi is the most interesting sexuality im just




On a scale of one to “the letter å in Finnish alphabet”, how useless do you feel?

w in the Finnish alphabet song


asexual representation is important


just suck my dick bro i said no homo like ten times

I’d like to take 5

Just when you thought a cat intensely chasing a laser pointer couldn’t get anymore engrossing, along comes an adorable toddler trying to help the cat get that pesky red dot. Prepare for the implosion of the entire Internet.


The human caretaker of the cat and child posted video of the encounter to YouTube. “His name is Phineas (2.5 years), the Cat is Muon (about 1 year),” the poster explained. “Phin had never seen the pointer before, and neither had Muon….My child and cat are on the same wavelength.”


Baby Rath is so ridiculously cute. 


talents include looking 12 and saying thank you to the bus driver

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