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Fun fact: Star Stealing Prince owes its name to Star Stealing Girl. Have I mentioned I love fanmixes?

I actually read that once so putting the song there was a planned move from my part, haha. Mainly it’s there because it does remind me of Astra but I also couldn’t resist the temptation. 

I don’t think so but I’m glad to hear that!! I-I mean, since I had already done two I was a little nervous of was three too much, haha. 

If Astra was the protagonist of her own game, would she be the star (princess)?

Princess more like QUEEN 

The “Furry” Problem




Fair warning: there is some slight language in this post.

My name is Jonathan Ponikvar. I’m the creator of Peter & Company and an avid cartoon fan; I have been trying (successfully or not) to draw them since I first discovered the magic of crayons and markers. Like most kids in the 80’s I grew up watching a crazy amount of cartoons. My favorites were the cartoons and films of Warner Brothers, Disney, and Don Bluth, so my earliest and crappiest of doodles always revolved around those characters in some way.

As I grew older and began seriously getting into cartooning, I noticed something odd going on around me: the cartoon animal was quickly becoming an endangered species. The animal designs of the 80’s and 90’s TV cartoons were being seen less and less in modern times within the industries that they helped create.

How could this happen? Are people just no longer interested in funny talking animals?

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Please reblog this. This needs to be read and it needs to be revolutionary.


yolo saatana


yolo saatana


i remember when i was in second grade and i saw my sister kiss her female friend on the cheek and i was totally floored because i didn’t know two girls could kiss each other and i went to school and told my friends and we all started kissing each other and i basically started a lesbian uprising


You don’t know how much someone is worth to you

until you sell them

Much funnier than knowing your type is to know your friends’ types and torment them by linking them characters who suit their personal preferences and watch as the friends proceed to yell at you

i had a really bad monday and wound up crying because of some homophobic bullshit i was subjected to. you always manage to cheer me up. could i get a comic maybe? thnx either way. :)


What she really means


What she really means

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